Meet Our Amazing Guest Speakers

ASCEND is proud to announce some of the most amazing creatives that will be presenting to you. They will blow your mind away with brand and marketing strategies that will lift your business to higher levels.

Anna Peters

Anna Peters is a photographer and strategist working out of Seattle. Since 2014, she has been exploring the Pacific Northwest with her clients and creating heartfelt imagery for couples, families, and brands. Anna also works with creative businesses one-on-one to get them un-stuck, focusing on building a foundation of strategy that supports their long term success and crafting a brand they (and their customers) adore.

ASCEND Presentation:

Promoting with Purpose - How to simplify your messaging and tell a story your customers can’t resist. 

If you’ve ever felt like being in business is akin standing on a stage, squinting out into the seats, and wondering: Is this microphone even on?!? - you’re not alone. Successful brands, big and small, understand that supporting each and every marketing move they make is a powerful story. Using the power of storytelling, worldviews, and archetypes, you'll learn to speak your customer’s language with written copy and with images, so your business can build momentum, and ultimately liftoff!

Anna's Small Group Workshop: Hone Your Message
In this intimate strategy session, we'll hone in on crafting a clear, irresistible marketing message for your brand with both images and words. Together, we'll walk through how to fall in love with your customers, cut away the noise to discover what they really want from you, and craft a marketing message so spot on that they’ll consider you their own personal fairy godmother. You'll also submit a small portfolio of brand imagery and up to three pieces of copy from your website and get personal feedback and suggestions from Anna. If you feel scattered in your marketing, don't know how to talk about what you do, or struggle to get people to see your value, this session will massively simplify your world and get you positioned for marketing success.
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D'Arcy Benincosa

"D'Arcy Benincosa is the ultimate Marketing Ninja, Brand Strategist, and Business Coach to creative entrepreneurs. After getting hired by Sports Illustrated magazine she quit her day job as a teacher and began her photography career in earnest. Based in NYC and Paris, D'Arcy's destination wedding photography is regularly featured on the top wedding publications including Bride's, Harper's Bazaar, Style Me Pretty, and Once Wed. Her weddings have graced the screen on The View, ABC, and NBC. Her love stories have also been featured on Upworthy, Huffington Post Weddings, and even tweeted about by Stephen Fry. D'Arcy is one of those people who believes all things are possible. She is committed and passionate about living a life she loves and helping others achieve the same freedom by creating businesses that bring them joy, wealth, fulfillment and adventure."

ASCEND Presentation:

The Wealthy Creative: How to Stop Being a Starving Artist

It's time to tap into your creativity at deeper levels so that your business can be sustainable and profitable. D'Arcy will lay out each step to wealth in her multi-6 figure creative business and how they all grow, ascend, and flourish in a world full of competition. She'll end the presentation with a candid Q&A to help answer your deepest questions about how you can run your business for profit. 

D'Arcy's Small Group Workshop: Emotional Clearing to Heal Your Business

In this intensive class D'Arcy will be doing emotional clearings on people, sharing her own stories to healing her mindset and thus heal her business. She'll dive deep into techniques that you can use to make sure you're in alignment with the mission of your business, that you work at crafting master systems in your business, and that you release all the stress, procrastination, and invisibility that you feel in your life and business. This is a hands on class that is unlike any you've ever been to, as we tap into your inner compass for healing to make growth in your business easy. 

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Michelle Kunitoshi Browne

Michelle Kunitoshi Browne is a strategy-driven brand designer from Melbourne, Australia. Before founding Mishku Studio, she completed business studies and went on to cut her teeth as a designer in fashion and textiles for 10 years, working for high end-fashion labels. During that time, she received Most Outstanding Graduate, the Maxwell Williams ‘Design Studio Choice Award’ and had her work exhibited internationally.
However, something was missing. Michelle knew she wanted to create value that would endure beyond next ‘season’, and to collaborate directly with people, putting both her design and business brain into practice. As soon as she designed her first brand, she knew that this was the place where she could make a powerful impact, supporting the dreams of passionate and talented creatives through thoughtful, strategic design.

ASCEND Presentation:

What makes a strong brand?

Drawing from her expertise as a strategy-driven brand designer, Michelle will guide you through the components of what makes a distinctive, relevant and compelling brand. She will breakdown how to bring these elements together to attract your ideal clients and push your business forward.

Michelle's Small Group Workshop: Brand Audits

This intimate workshop will be focused on assessing the current strengths and weaknesses of your current branding and giving you actionable steps to elevate your aesthetic. With 10 years of design experience, Michelle will guide you through defining a distinctive aesthetic that draws in the customers you’re dreaming of serving.

Prior to the retreat, Michelle will spend time reviewing your brand + aesthetic across your online platforms (website, social media, etc) and submitted branding materials,  so you’ll be able to dive right in during the workshop receiving personalized feedback and tailored advice. In small groups of 3-4, the participants will have the opportunity to learn from Michelle’s review of their fellow workshop attendees. Through a balance of informed strategy and compelling aesthetics, you’ll gain the clarity to take your business to the next level.

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Sandra Chau

Sandra is a creative director and stylist based in Sydney Australia. She creates high-level imagery for businesses so they can tell their brand story in an intentional and strategic way that leads to huge profits. Sandra’s passion for design and styling is infectious and her images speak volumes. She draws from her extensive experience in working with creatives and commercial brands alike to create unique and relatable stories. She wholeheartedly believes that when you understand the strategy behind creating beautiful images, you can tell your story in a way that truly reflects the heart of your work, make a big impact on your business and move forward with real clarity and confidence.

ASCEND Presentation:

Design, Styling & Images that Speak

Sandra has a unique creative process often drawing inspiration from art, nature, textures or raw emotion to create a design. Through a hands on demonstration, Sandra will share her gifts of design, tips on styling, and how to to apply the art of design and styling into your brand, business and everyday lives to create images that speak.

Sandra's Small Group Workshop: Mini Branding Shoot

A rare opportunity to work with Sandra personally and watch and learn as she styles and creates beautiful images for YOUR brand. In these intensive sessions, you will have the opportunity to work with Sandra to style one still life scene incorporating your work, product or inspirations and create images completely unique for your brand, captured by, guest speaker and film extraordinaire, Anna Peters.

If you already have a brand that you love but struggle with creating a portfolio of imagery that truly reflects the heart of your brand and work, Sandra can work with you to create a mini branding shoot to showcase your product, brand and most importantly, the heart and soul behind the brand - you.

Sandra will work with you 1:1 and style one chosen scene to create images that elevate your brand and teach you how you can go onto do the same on your own after the retreat. At only a fraction of the usual cost to work with Sandra, this is a one time opportunity. Each session is 1 ½ hours long and you will receive 20 images captured by Anna Peters on film within 4 weeks from the day of the shoot.


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